P&G Packets (12 pack)


P&G™ Packets (12 pack) includes 12 individually packaged sachets. Each individual sachets treats 2.5 gallons / 10 liters of water. P&G™ Packets (12 pack) treats up to 30 gallons / 120 liters.

Current P&G packets in stock for 12-pack orders have an expiration of May 2022.

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P&G™ Purifier of Water is a powder that comes in small affordable, easy-to-use packets. It combines flocculation and disinfection to produce clean drinking water. Using some of the same ingredients used in municipal water systems, P&G™ Purifier of Water is engineered to be a mini-water treatment plant in a packet. The product removes dirt, cysts, and pollutants, and kills bacteria and viruses in polluted water such as creeks, rivers, lakes, and ponds. By removing the dirt and sediment through a flocculation process, P&G™ Purifier of Water gives a visible signal ensuring you have clean and fresh treating water when you need it. P&G™ Purifier of Water is simple to use, maintains a pure fresh taste similar to most household tap water, and is acceptable for drinking use after 30 minutes. A single packet treats 2.5 gallons / 10 liters of water. The P&G™ Purifier of Water packet provides clean drinking water for your family’s preparedness needs – including emergencies, and remote outdoor settings where drinking water is not available. The P&G™ Purifier of Water packets are not intended to treat salt/ocean water. It is perfect for use in situations such as camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, emergency situations, and natural disasters where the drinking water supply has been depleted or is of unknown quality.

You buy, DayOne Response™ donates!

For every P&G™ Packets (12 pack) purchased via retail channels, 120 liters worth of clean drinking water is donated to P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program to support disaster response efforts.

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