P&G Demonstration Pack (4 packets)


Order P&G™ Purifier of Water packets (four per purchase) and you can watch water transform from dirty to clean at home! This family-friendly activity is a great opportunity to talk to your children about science, geography and social studies topics. Each individual packet treats 2.5 gallons / 10 liters of water. Your purchase will come with an instructional pamphlet and discussion guide.

Additional items you’ll need (not included): (1) two 3-5 gallon buckets, (2) dirt, (3) a long spoon, (4) a clean cotton cloth, (5) scissors and (6) bungee cord or clothespins.

When you buy, you are donating!

With each purchase of a P&G™ Demonstration Pack (4 count), $1.80 (90 days’ worth of clean drinking water) will be donated to the Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Fund. CSDW is a charitable fund managed by the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

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P&G™ Purifier of Water is a powder that comes in small affordable, easy-to-use packets. It combines flocculation and disinfection to produce clean drinking water. Using some of the same ingredients used in municipal water systems, P&G™ Purifier of Water is engineered to be a mini-water treatment plant in a packet. The product removes dirt, cysts, and pollutants, and kills bacteria and viruses in polluted water such as creeks, rivers, lakes, and ponds. By removing the dirt and sediment through a flocculation process, P&G™ Purifier of Water gives a visible signal ensuring you have clean and fresh treated water. P&G™ Purifier of Water is simple to use, maintains a pure fresh taste similar to most household tap water, and is acceptable for drinking use after 30 minutes. A single packet treats 2.5 gallons / 10 liters of water. The P&G™ Purifier of Water packets are not intended to treat salt/ocean water.

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