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DayOne Waterbag​™​ , SKU 1000-B


  1. DayOne Waterbag​™​  and attached filter
  2. Pictographic Instructions printed on DayOne Waterbag™
  3. User manual
  4. Packet cutting tool (for opening purification packets)
  5. 60 P&G™​  Packets

Retail Box Info

11.5-in (L) x 3-in (W) x 16-in (H)
29-cm (L) x 7.6-cm (W) x 41-cm (H)
Weight​: 3.25 lbs (1.5 kg)

Each Retail Box contains:
QTY 1 DayOne Waterbag™ and items above

Master Carton Info

23-in (L) x 16.5-in (W) x 16-in (H)
58.5-cm (L) x 42-cm (W) x 41-cm (H)
Weight​: 34 lbs (16 kg)

Each Master Carton contains:
QTY 10 DayOne Waterbag™ Retail Box

Air Pallet Info

48-in (L) x 40-in (W) x 53-in (H)
122-cm (L) x 102-cm (W) x 135-cm (H)
Total Weight: ​470 lbs (210 kg)

Each pallet contains:
4 Cartons per level x 3 levels = 12 Cartons
12 Cartons = 120 DayOne Waterbag​™

DayOne Waterbag AIR Pallet Shipping

Ocean Pallet Info

48-in (L) x 40-in (W) x 86-in (H)
122-cm (L) x 102-cm (W) x 218-cm (H)
Total Weight: ​740 lbs (335 kg)

Each pallet contains:
4 Cartons per level x 5 levels = 20 Cartons
20 Cartons = ​200 DayOne Waterbag™

Container Info (20 ft)

One 20-ft Container​ can accommodate up to:
10 pallets = 200 Cartons = 2,000 DayOne Waterbag​™
Total Container Weight:​ 12,400 lbs (5,625 kg)

Container Info (40 ft)

One 40-ft Container​ can accommodate up to:
20 pallets = 400 Cartons = 4,000 DayOne Waterbag™
Total Container Weight: ​23,000 (10,430 kg)


  • Address labeling & international packing sheets: included in our service, no additional cost
  • Stock Locations: Oakland, CA, USA and global warehousing with Butyl Products
  • Communication & Support: DayOne Response Team available 24/7
  • Custom Branding: Upon customer request for additional cost
  • Freight Forwarding: Upon customer request for additional cost

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